• Pre-School

    Our pre-school offers children from the age of 2-6 a safe, caring and enjoyable learning environment that gives them freedom to develop and discover activities that interest them.  The school  operates within the framework of the very best of Montessori theory and practice, combined with traditional pre-school practices.

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  • Prep School

    Children must be allowed to be children. At Summit, they are not only allowed to, but they also have an idyllic environment in which to do so, and gently learn essential values and attitudes. In the Preparatory School they are taught to respect all living creatures. The unique campus environment lends itself to this philosophy. The bird and creature life is diverse and bountiful.

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  • Summit High

    Our country needs young people with an entrepreneurial spirit of a social nature: an outlook that isn’t consumer-centric or materialistic, but altruistic.  It is influential leaders of this nature who change our world and make it a better place to live.

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