A note from the desk of the Principal: Cheryl Naidoo

Term 2, Issue No.5

Dear Parents

We are extremely excited that our pupils have started their iPad lessons learning about native apps with Miss Rose Leak. The Grade Rs learnt about Drawing and Telling a story using their iPads. This will help pupils to listen to themselves and improve their fluency in speaking and reading. Grade 1-3 worked on Interactive Story Creations. This will increase their level of learning through interaction and participation. Grade 4 -7 were challenged on Keynote, a programme that incorporates graphs, animations and images in a presentation format.

Our teachers are undergoing training in the afternoons on using the iPad to enhance their teaching. This will help pupils prepare for their future careers, reach diversity in teaching styles, encourage collaboration, prepare pupils for the real-world environment and helps students stay engaged.

Summit Preparatory hosted a very successful Impromptu Speech Evening on Wednesday. Pupils were workshopped in the first hour and then participated in a competition. Congratulations to Amkela Msimangt for coming 3rd in the competition. Thank you to Kim Hall for the planning of the event. Our charismatic adjudicator Itumeleng Molatsi-Locke was entertaining, enlightening and inspiring. It was a beneficial experience for pupils, teachers and parents.

Kind Regards

Cheryl Naidoo