About Us

Education is more than just the receiving or giving of instruction. It should develop the whole (mind, body and spirit), essentially preparing students for the next step in their lives, while developing character and independent thinking.

The Summit College mission statement is “To sustainably deliver an overall educational experience that effectively prepares learners for citizenship and allows learners to unlock their unique full potential”.

Summit was established as part of the NEST (New Era Schools Trust) by two progressive champions of equal education, Messrs. Deane Yates and Steyn Krige. Their vision (in the 1980’s) was to establish an inclusive school network that would offer all, regardless of race, culture, faith or economic background, a quality education. Their vision was to use the NEST schools not to transform education only, but society itself.

Summit College places great emphasis on the individual. In the early years (i.e. foundation phase), pupils require a very nurturing approach, but this changes in later years to be more focused on achieving the individual goals of the pupils.

Summit follows the IEB curriculum, as guided by CAPS.

The focus at the Prep school is on providing a solid academic foundation for later learning. While the focus is the development of core skills, critically important is the emotional (confidence) development of the pupil.

Pupils are actively encouraged to participate in a wide variety of sport and cultural activities, but our focus will always be on academics.

Learning today… Leading tomorrow – is our by-line, implying that Summit will produce leaders.  Leaders are not born – they are made by consistent work, study and experience. They must know themselves, have a well communicated vision, build trust among others, and take effective action to make their own leadership potential a reality.

Summit College is a nurturing place where we aim to get the best out of each person.

The learners of today are the leaders of tomorrow.