Summit has a proud and rich history.

Summit was established as part of the NEST (new era schools trust) by two progressive champions of equal education, Messrs. Deane Yates and Steyn Krige. Their vision (in the 1980’s) was to establish an inclusive school network that would offer all, regardless of race, culture, faith or economic background, a quality education.

Their vision was to use the NEST schools to not only transform education, but society itself, and we believe that Summit made a small but noticeable mark, not only on education over the years, but also on society more broadly.

Summit has always placed great emphasis on the individual and developing people to be their best.

Summit’s by line ‘Learning today… Leading tomorrow’ is not an arrogant statement that we will prepare students for official leadership roles, but rather a reflection of our ethos, that every member of society is a leader in some shape or form.

We passionately believe that leaders are nurtured and not simply born to lead. We believe that individuals only reach true potential (as leaders or members of society) by hard and consistent work, study and experience.

We also believe that leaders must know themselves, have a well communicated vision, build trust among others, and take effective action to make their own leadership potential a reality.