Mission & Values

Our mission statement

To sustainably deliver an overall educational experience that effectively prepares students for citizenship and allows students to realise their full potential.

Achieving our mission will result in us delivering for all

Our Students will benefit from a balanced, well rounded education that prepares for life and allows them to follow their chosen path, by not only developing students academically but emotionally.

Our Parents will benefit as we will operate our campus as financially responsibly and cost effectively as possible and produce students ready for life.

Our Staff will benefit as we will create a healthy and happy working environment that encourages personal development and growth.

Our Society will benefit from us delivering students who are not only academically sound but ready to take their place as effective citizens.

Our broader community will benefit as we look to touch the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves.

Effective education is a three-way partnership

We firmly believe that education is a three way partnership requiring the commitment of the teacher, the student and the parent/ guardian.

Our core beliefs

Each person is unique and has unlimited intrinsic value

A just society requires ethical behaviour

A sense of belonging and self-worth are essential to learning

Human diversity enriches individuals and society

A democratic society requires educated, informed citizens

An enriched education expands options throughout life

Continued growth requires courage to take risks and to seek challenges

Education is a shared responsibility involving students, teachers, families and community

Each individual has an on-going responsibility to the community