Pre-Primary School

Each child is nurtured to grow and develop holistically. Our Pre-Primary is situated in an expansive and natural environment with plenty of trees, animals and wide open spaces. This lovely setting facilitates many outdoor play opportunities and a learning environment where exploration is encouraged. Our class numbers enable hands on teaching, where a well-balanced program is offered and an age appropriate curriculum is taught.

Learning Focus

At Pinnacle College Kyalami (Summit College) Pre-Primary, a great emphasis is placed on the importance of play being a central factor in learning. A common misconception in a Pre-Primary setting is that the only thing that children do is play, and that the role of the teachers is simply to watch them. However, creating a learning environment where play is the channel to learning, requires creativity and expertise on the part of the teacher, which is why only qualified teachers are on our staff. A dedicated and creative Pre-Primary educator is one who is able to provide both free choice and structured play opportunities where children are able to develop their imagination, dexterity, physical strength and cognitive strength.

When children engage, and interact together in this kind of environment, they develop a positive self-concept. They learn about their own abilities and limitations in a non-threatening and stimulating way, which in turn builds their confidence and sense of autonomy.

Social Focus

A child’s social development cannot be fostered if they don’t have the opportunity to practice social skills and to develop meaningful interactions with others. The Pre-Primary environment provides the perfect space for socialization. This is one of the primary ways that children learn roles, values, attitudes and appropriate behavior.

At Pinnacle College Kyalami (Summit College), our Core Skills Program, with its focus on 21st Century teaching skills facilitates socialization because of the nature of the skills introduced at Pre-Primary level. The five Core Skills are Thinking Skills, Research Skills, Communication Skills, Social Skills and Self Management Skills. Collaboration and group work encouraged from the youngest children in the Pre-Primary right up to the higher grades in the College. Our Pre-Primary teachers have all received specialized training in practical and age appropriate methods of introducing and teaching Core Skills at this level.



Physical Development Focus

With our children becoming increasingly sedentary due to the impact of too many “screens” and technology, our playgrounds at Pinnacle College Kyalami (Summit College) Pre-Primary provide the perfect antidote! Space has become a luxury in our world, however, our school has many large open areas so that children can explore and develop their muscles, strength and stamina by moving, exploring, experimenting, clambering and climbing. Fine motor skills are developed in our Daily Program where children are encouraged to become more independent by performing a variety of self-help tasks such as using utensils, dressing themselves and tidying up their work and play areas. Many opportunities are provided in the classroom to strengthen their smaller muscles with specific activities, which include scribbling, drawing, art activities, stringing beads and manipulating small objects.