Prep School

Children must be allowed to be children. At Summit, they are not only allowed to, but they also have an idyllic environment in which to do so, and gently learn essential values and attitudes. In the Preparatory School they are taught to respect all living creatures. The unique campus environment lends itself to this philosophy. The bird and creature life is diverse and bountiful. The children at Summit have watched in anticipation of the hatching of plovers and the African Bullfrog conservation. They have marvelled at the resident owl and were saddened by the baby bunnies caught by the hawks. However, the comforting environment does not draw us from our academic purpose: we are here to teach the children in a real world and to prepare them for the reality of everyday life. Dedicated and innovative staff ensure that each child’s unique potential is developed: small classes and open spaces provide many ‘hands on’, tactile experiences for them, as they are taught to be tolerant of others’ race, religion, beliefs and values. It is a fine beginning of emotional intelligence, and its quotient. Respect is a key factor, and while they are young is an appropriate time for children to learn how to show respect for all living creatures, providing them with a valuable behaviour learners & leaders language varieties friendly work pupils exciting creativity IEB

We strive to ensure that the values and principles implanted in Preparatory School are developed further at a higher level.


Our pre-school offers children from the age of 2-6 a safe, caring and enjoyable learning environment that gives them freedom to develop and discover activities that interest them.

Learning Focus

Children prefer work to play:  doing  meaningful activity is more important than the end result.  Our teachers are highly qualified, experienced, and are at the forefront of developmental psychology , with a sound understanding of small children’s needs.

The school is equipped with a wide range of Montessori and other stimulating and challenging devices  to engage your child’s curiosity.

Physical development Focus

Each child is nutured to  grow and develop holistically., Outdoor play and exploration are encouraged  with climbing, balancing, water/sand play and swinging.

Socialising Focus

Learning social graces are an essential part of what schools teach.  At Summit Pre-school, self-discipline – children are not free to disrupt others or harm apparatus.  Small children have a profound sense of personal dignity : we work hard at promoting and keeping it.