Children must be allowed to be children. At Pinnacle College Kyalami (Summit College), they are not only allowed to, but they also have an idyllic environment in which to do so, and gently learn essential values and attitudes. In the Preparatory School they are taught to respect all living creatures.

The unique campus environment lends itself to this philosophy. The bird and creature life is diverse and bountiful. The children at Summit have watched in anticipation of the hatching of plovers and the African Bullfrog conservation. They have marvelled at the resident owl and were saddened by the baby bunnies caught by the hawks. However, the comforting environment does not draw us from our academic purpose: we are here to teach the children in a real world and to prepare them for the reality of everyday life.

Dedicated and innovative staff ensure that each child’s unique potential is developed: small classes and open spaces provide many ‘hands on’, tactile experiences for them, as they are taught to be tolerant of others’ race, religion, beliefs and values. It is a fine beginning of emotional intelligence, and its quotient.

Respect is a key factor, and while they are young it is an appropriate time for children to learn how to show respect for all living creatures. We strive to ensure that the values and principles implanted in Preparatory School are developed further at a higher level.




Community Service & Environmental Involvement are fundamental to the philosophy of both the Preparatory and High School and include African Bullfrog convervation, owl chick rehabilitation, work with disadvantaged pre-schoolers and the elderly, AIDS orphans, assistance at the SPCA, 4 Paws, Zizanani and Mandela Day.

Projects & Charities

  • Nursery schools in underprivileged communities.
  • The elderly, adults with disabilities.
  • 4 Paws.
  • The SPCA, and
  • Education programs in disadvantaged communities

Whether assisting an individual or participating in a greater community project, Summit Preparatory embraces needs on every level.



Pinnacle College Kyalami (Summit College) Preparatory is also a proud participant in annual fundraising events, namely Mandela Day, The Cansa Shavethon and Cupcakes 4 Kids with Cancer.


Learning Focus

Children prefer work to play:  doing  meaningful activity is more important than the end result.  Our teachers are highly qualified, experienced, and are at the forefront of developmental psychology , with a sound understanding of children’s needs.

Social Focus

Learning social graces are an essential part of what schools teach.  At Pinnacle College Kyalami (Summit College) Pre-school, self-discipline – children are not free to disrupt others or harm apparatus.  Small children have a profound sense of personal dignity : we work hard at promoting and keeping it.


From Grade R to 7, our learning philosophy is one of academic discovery and exploration. Within the  National Curriculum framework, we encourage learners to extend their ability with relevant programmes and initiatives. Collaborating with other educational organisations can ensure success in achieving academic results.

Learners have opportunities to absorb  further knowledge and exceed their own expectations.  This preparatory education is an essential process that equips the learners for a smooth advancement to High School. We encourage parents to be involved in their children’s education: in fact, relationship-building between parent, child and teacher is imperative.

The IEB offers a wide variety of subjects and allows flexibility within the syllabus, making sure that examinations are in line with international requirements. The IEB is recognised at all tertiary institutions in South Africa – and good quality results will provide access to universities overseas.

Support Centre

Our Support Centre has a full-time Remedial Therapist and a School Counsellor employed to provide academic and emotional support at all levels. We also have the support of Speech and Language Therapy, and Occupational Therapists who interact with the children during the school day, at junior level.

The support centre also facilitates the progress of our bridging classes, Grade 1 – 3, where the teachers assist each child to achieve their potential and develop their strengths, while addressing their difficulties within a smaller, more personalised environment. With this in mind, the Support Centre successfully integrates the National Curriculum with remedial support and any other necessary therapies.


Our learners have access to the full range of the Preparatory School activities , and are encouraged to participate. Preparatory School students may choose from – Athletics, Cricket, Cross Country, Netball, Softball, Swimming, Soccer and Tennis. In the key sports, professional coaching is provided.

Sport Houses

  • Ndlovu (Zulu) – Blue
  • Ganesha (Hindu) – Green
  • Tlou (Sotho) – Red

Independent Extramural


Sport Fixtures Term 1, Gr 2


Uniform Requirements


Extramural Timetable Term 1




In cultural and other activities, the programme depends on staff and their particular field of expertise, but may include the following: Art, Ballet, Chess, Community Service, Computers, Drumming, First Aid, Guitar, Karate, Piano, Pottery and Recorder. Students in the senior prep attend educational and leadership camps which form an integral part of any students curriculum.

Music Centre

The Pinnacle College Kyalami (Summit College) Music Centre was established in September 2008. Although a very young facility, it has almost 100 students taking music lessons. The center offers piano, recorder, contemporary guitar and  drumming tuition.

Denis Waitley

“The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence. “